The Preschool Program is designed to promote discovery and to give each child the very best start to a life-long love of learning. We implement appropriate practices through professional excellence, all in a caring environment.


As the world opens up for exploration, we appreciate and value our role in these learning moments with each child and the partnership that is formed with the parents. Our teachers focus on each child and provide them with a consistent structured schedule that includes learning through class time, playtime, social interaction, and rest time throughout the school day.

Our certified teachers participate in continuing education courses that enhance and equip their understanding of the growth and guidance that a two-year old requires.  At this age your preschooler will begin to develop:

          •         An understanding of values including honesty, compassion, and giving.

          •         An understanding of language through conversation and books.

          •         An understanding of math through puzzle and block play.

          •         An understanding of cooperation through social interaction with


          •         To communicate through better listening and speaking skills.

          •         New words and build a vocabulary through word games and phonics        


          •         To recognize numbers and basic math skills.

          •         The social skills and the importance of generosity, sharing, and        

                    thankfulness in the classroom and on the playground.


The curriculum is integrated into your child’s day utilizing the best trends in education that are based on brain research, all in a loving environment. Throughout the day, there is a balance of quiet and active periods.


We understand that every preschooler likes to be independent.  Our nurturing teachers will guide your toddler in these critical developmental stages from the art of sharing to discovering answers to their favorite question, “Why?” Our teachers will guide and encourage with a gentle tone and unconditional love for every child. Your child will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and build understanding and appreciation of reading as an added adventure in his world. Children develop cognitively, physically, social-emotionally, and creatively through fun, engaging activities.


Our teachers provide the attention and guidance to assist children with potty training. We provide a daily schedule with the perfect balance of academics, playtime, social interaction, and rest time throughout the school day. We are excited to guide your child in their quest to learn!