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Our curriculum's are innovative, exciting and fun for the children. The staff is continually training throughout the year to keep up with the latest methods in child developments. 

​​Registration      $200   Annual

Full Time          $200   Weekly 

Part Time         $125   Weekly (7-12 or 2-6)

VPK Full Time   $135   Weekly

After-School     $75     Weekly (2-6)

VPK Daily         $60     Daily

Drop-in only     $75     Daily

Full Time          $780   Monthly

Part Time         $487   Monthly

Uniform Polo     $13      Each

Uniform Green  $10      Each


Summer Camp  $280  Toddlers and 2's

Summer Camp  $495  3's,4's,5's and School age


Private School, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades


​​Registration     $400   School Year

Tuition            $8,400 School Year, 10%                        savings if paid in full.

Book Fees        $100    School Year

Testing Fees     $100    School Year

Sports Fees      $350    Every 3 months

After School     $3150  School Year

Uniform Red     $13     Each

Uniform Green  $10     Each


Return Checks $50

Late Payments $100 month

Late Pick-up     $1 per minute

Late Pick up policy: It is imperative that your child be picked up by closing time. A late pick up fee in the amount of $1 per minute per child will be added to your account. The Department of Children and Families may be contacted if you are late on a continuous basis.

We accept: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cash, Checks, or Money Orders

No credit for missing days and No refunds.